We live in a great city…

I grew up working in The Fan, and with my wife, Ann, we have chosen to raise our three daughters here. The diverse collection of neighborhoods making up the Second District — Northside, Scott’s Addition, Carver, the Fan, Jackson Ward, Newtowne West, and Downtown — are all amazing places to live, work and play. Each is improving in their own unique way.

But when I walk around, I realize that what makes Richmond so great is mostly happening without help from­­, sometimes even in spite of, ­­our city government. The new businesses and homes that bring sorely needed tax revenue are being set atop a crumbling foundation that is weaker every year. Government, put simply, is not keeping up with the citizens it’s supposed to serve.

Richmond government has increasingly tried taking on the “maker” role by spending money on expensive football fields, bike races, even an out of state brewery. They should be setting the stage for our homegrown successes. Councilpeople need to listen and work with the community they represent to make sure the city first delivers the basic infrastructure for the benefit of the whole community: quality education, core services and public safety. When these services are put in place and a long-term funding commitment is made: Richmond will continue to improve and grow.

I am glad you stopped by and I hope you will join our effort to Create a New Government for Richmond.

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The issues facing Richmond have been with us for a very long time. They will not be fixed by one council member, school board representative or mayor. They will only be fixed if City Hall works together with the citizens of Richmond to Create a New Government for Richmond. Here are some of my thoughts to start our conversation.


Here is additional information from local news providers about the issues facing Richmond.


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